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Founded in 2005, Orn & Cie SA is an independent asset management company headquartered in the heart of Geneva. Orn & Cie SA is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset managers (SAAM), and governed by Swiss legislation, which guarantees confidentiality and discretion in client relations. Orn & Cie SA also acts as Investment Advisor for Thematica. Thematica is a Luxembourg based Investment Company offering UCITS funds for investors in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden and Norway


Orn & Cie SA offers discretionary and advisory asset management services to clients across the globe. Our clients assets are held in a top tier bank in Switzerland. This provides the perfect setup for the client, assets are protected at a well recognised bank and managed by an experienced team at Orn & Cie SA. Orn & Cie SA is your single point of contact for all your inquiries.

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Orn & Cie SA provides innovative solutions for a diverse client base with various backgrounds and nationalities. Our clients normally fall into one of the following categories:

  • High Net Worth Families

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Institutions


We focus exclusively on investment solutions and asset management outside of these areas, we delegate. The specialists we collaborate with have our full trust and are selected for their professionalism and ability to deliver solutions.

Others services include:

  • Corporate Structures

  • Tax advisory

  • Trust services

  • Real estate

  • Legal advisory

  • Insurance solutions

Investment Approach

Orn & Cie SA investment approach differs from traditional investment managers as we focus on disruptive megatrends rather than sectors, regions, and value vs growth. 


Orn & Cie SA collaborate closely with family offices and trust companies that delegate the asset management part to us. If you represent a family office or a trust company and would like to find out more how we work, please send us an email at orn@orn-suisse.com or give us a call at +41 (0)22 788 02 00. 

Orn & Cie SA
15, rue de la Fontaine
1204 Geneva
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Email: orn@orn-suisse.com
Tel: +41 (0)22 788 02 00
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